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LGBTQ Co-Parenting Journey Begins With MakeAmom!

Baby's feet on his mother's hands

Our journey began 5 years ago when we both realized that we were co-workers at the world-famous Roxy Cafe in San Francisco and neighbors living in the Mission District. After knowing each other less than three months, we became roommates, carpooling to work together and forging a friendship over shared work experiences, similar interests, life experiences as LGBT people and goals. Three years into our friendship, we found ourselves airing out our personal relationship grievances at work one day and separately arrived at the conclusion that our goal of becoming a parent would ultimately be a solo effort for both us. To our surprise, a co-worker suggested that instead of becoming a single parent, we should consider raising a child together because we were such good friends, and after a 30-minute conversation about out how that arrangement would work for us, our agreement was sealed with a friendly handshake and our co-parenting journey commenced. We discussed our conception options, taking all things into account; our friendship dynamic, our sexuality of being a gay man and a lesbian, our spirituality, finances, health and desired timeframe. After receiving positive results from a fertility specialist confirming we were both fertile enough to conceive without much assistance, we discovered MakeAmom as a recommendation from a friend. The success stories, testimonials and price point gave us the assurance we were making a smart and educated conception decision, and after one week of attempting to conceive, we learned we were pregnant 4 weeks later. Today we have a happy, healthy, angelic son who gives us the best reason to live and we can't thank MakeAmom enough for helping us realize our dream to become parents and accomplish our goal to co-parent together. We look forward to using MakeAmom when we're ready for child #2 and growing our new modern family. K&M - Hollywood, CA K&M, You guys have set a new standard for modern insemination. The idea behind your strategy is incredibly impressive and we are honored to have been part of it. Love is a language that everyone can understand and we are sure that your wonderful little one will be showered in it! We want to thank you for giving us this incredible and inspirational story. We are sure that it will be an inspiration for many! - MakeAmom


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