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Essential Guides and Tools for Your Conception Journey

Navigating the sea of information and options when trying to conceive can be overwhelming. Here, we present a curated list of recommended resources from Team MakeAmom to help you on your journey, covering everything from courses to apps.

Courses: Fertility Foundations Digital Course

Embark on your family-building journey with the Fertility Foundations Digital Course by Connecting Rainbows with MakeAmom. This comprehensive course guides you through the entire process of growing your family with donor sperm, providing a wealth of knowledge and support.

Books: Insights into Your Fertility Journey

Empower Your Journey with “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”

Delve into Toni Weschler’s guide, offering eye-opening insights into your body. Uncover valuable information on cycle charting and identifying ovulation, empowering you to navigate the path to pregnancy. A must-read for anyone starting the “must-get-pregnant” journey.

Inclusive Guidance with “The New Essential Guide to Conception”

Stephanie Brill’s guide is a treasure for both lesbians and heterosexuals. With detailed chapters on self-insemination and invaluable information on cycle monitoring, it’s a valuable read, particularly for those considering frozen sperm from a bank.

Optimize Your Fertility with “Making Babies”

Join Sami S. David and Jill Blakeway on a three-month program for maximum fertility. This book provides straightforward advice on reshaping your lifestyle to enhance fertility, suitable for those just beginning or seeking a fresh perspective.

Hopeful Insights with “The Infertility Cure”

Addressing the challenges of “unexplained infertility,” Randine Lewis offers hope and a different perspective on conception. While dense at times, the book provides valuable insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern methods.

Ovulation Predictor Kits

Discover the MakeAmom Ovulation Predictor Kit, a preferred choice for its clarity in indicating hormone surges during your fertile days. With seven tests in each kit, you have a week to stay informed and confidently proceed with your conception plans.


Explore the BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant, available at This paraben-free, fertility-friendly lube, developed by leading scientists, supports your fertility journey by creating an optimal environment for conception while ensuring a comfortable experience.

If you encounter fluid-related concerns, consider lifestyle adjustments to enhance a sperm-welcoming environment. Check out our tips on healthy cervical fluid. And remember, a bit of foreplay can make a significant difference!


My Cycles: Your Free Fertility Companion

My Cycles is a popular, free app for estimating fertile days and tracking ovulation, especially useful for those on a regular 28-day cycle. Monitor weight, mood, symptoms, and treatments to stay on top of your fertility journey.

Fertility Friend: Charting Your Path

For BBT enthusiasts, Fertility Friend, with its user-friendly interface, provides an extensive community platform. Share charts, seek advice, and stay connected with others on the same journey, even after conception.

Glow: A Modern Approach to Fertility

·Glow stands out with its modern interface and comprehensive approach. Linking to devices like FitBit, it offers a user-friendly experience and a supportive community. Join others on the journey and make Glow your go-to app.

Embark on your conception journey armed with knowledge and supported by these recommended resources. Your path to parenthood is unique, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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