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Zoe and Taylor’s Family Building Journey: A Known Donor Tale

Join us in the heartwarming journey of Zoe and Taylor as they share their unique experience in building their family. This installment is the third story in our series spotlighting and celebrating the extraordinary journey of family building with a known donor.

We’ve asked Zoe and Taylor the same four questions, providing an unfiltered glimpse into their voices and messages. Your feedback is always appreciated, and we hope you find this series both insightful and uplifting.

Discovering Readiness to Start a Family

Zoe and Taylor’s family narrative takes a different route than the typical “modern family.” When they embarked on their conception journey, they were already proud parents to a 10-year-old boy from a previous relationship. Although not connected by blood, the bond was unbreakable.

Taylor embraced the “package deal” when she entered Zoe’s life. The decision to expand their family came with a desire for financial stability, including owning a house and settling various aspects. Almost five years later, with the realization that time was passing, they decided: if not now, then when? Their TTC (trying to conceive) journey began in 2017.

Finding the Perfect Donor

Navigating the plethora of lesbian TTC forums, Facebook groups, and recommended cryobanks proved challenging. With some websites charging fees and others providing minimal donor details, Zoe and Taylor turned to Google and discovered (KDR).

Described as the “Facebook of donors,” KDR offered a free platform where donors share bios and pictures. The ability to search by location, nationality, and height made it stand out. The non-anonymous aspect resonated with Zoe and Taylor, and soon they found their donor on KDR, reaching out to him promptly.

Approaching the Donor Agreement: Advice and Insights

For Zoe and Taylor, the process of discussing and signing a contract with their donor felt natural due to an instant connection. Their advice is to be transparent and confident about your expectations and terms.

While discussing the contract, they emphasize the importance of openness without succumbing to changes that make you uncomfortable. If approaching the topic feels awkward, Zoe and Taylor believe it’s a sign that you might not be ready for the journey.

Legal Aspects: Friend in Legal Assistance

While they didn’t directly engage a lawyer, Zoe and Taylor sought assistance from a legal friend to review their donor agreement.

Parting Words of Wisdom

As they reflect on their journey, Zoe and Taylor share valuable advice:

· Know Your Preferences: Be clear about what you want. If the donor or terms make you uncomfortable, remember that you have options.

· Prepare for Challenges: Embrace the journey’s beauty, both during pregnancy and post-partum. Don’t shy away from seeking help or acknowledging the inevitable struggles. The labor of this journey is undeniably the greatest gift.

Zoe and Taylor’s story is a testament to the beauty and resilience found in the diverse paths of family building.


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