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Embarking on the Solo Parenting Adventure

In the realm of animated fairy tales and rom coms, we’ve witnessed the shift from male characters saving the day to empowered Disney princesses taking charge. Today, dreams are limitless for girls growing up — they can have it all, with or without a traditional nuclear family.

The era of waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right before starting a family is fading, as more individuals are realizing their dreams of parenthood, independent of a romantic partner.

A Rising Trend: Single Parenthood by Choice

Financial strength, coupled with advancements in reproductive technology, is contributing to a growing trend — birthrates for single individuals aged 35 and older in the United States are on the rise. This shift reflects a rising phenomenon: more people are intentionally choosing single parenthood, embracing the journey of sole parent families.

Wisdom from Single Parent Friends

Drawing insights from friends who embarked on the single parenting journey, they emphasize the importance of a support system. While the journey is rewarding, it’s not without challenges. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom:

1. Build a Supportive Village: Although conception might be a solo venture, having a supportive network of friends and family throughout the process is crucial.

2. Prepare for Exhaustion: Acknowledge the exhaustion, both during and after the process. Planning ahead, hiring support like night nurses or nannies, and having a network of trusted babysitters can be invaluable.

3. Find Your Tribe: Seek out a supportive community of single moms who understand the journey. Establishing connections before pregnancy, either online or in your local community, provides a valuable resource for advice and encouragement.


We are privileged to play a part in the conception journeys of numerous families. Whether we mark the beginning, culmination, or a step in the journey, the commitment to support you remains unwavering. Feel free to reach out — we’re sincerely cheering for your success!

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