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Discovering Your Cervix: A Guide to Fertility

If you’re on the journey to conceive, getting acquainted with your cervix is a game-changer. But the question lingers: how do you find it?

Embarking on the Cervical Quest

Let’s keep it real; it might take a few attempts. Forget about deciphering your cervical mucus for now. Begin with mastering one thing, and trust me, the rest will follow. Once you’ve got the hang of finding your cervix and blend that knowledge with fluid observations, understanding Mother Nature’s magic down there becomes a breeze.

The Cervical Expedition: Step by Step

Hand Hygiene Matters: Always wash your hands first — safeguard that special lady part of yours.

Shower Timing: If you have a consistent shower routine, that’s your starting point.

Time Investment: Allocate a bit of time initially; it may take longer than expected, but a few minutes is all it takes.

Squat Technique: Adopt a comfortable and balanced squatting position without tensing up; take a breath.

Weight Distribution: If possible, shift your weight to the balls of your feet for accurate reach towards the back of your vagina, where the cervix resides. Use a wall for balance if needed.

The Right Finger: Employ your middle finger — gently, of course.

Exploration: Your vaginal walls will feel soft, but the cervix will have a distinct texture, like a bump on the wall.

Take Your Time: Once found, feel and note the sensations; it should feel different from touching the vaginal wall.

Decoding the Cervix’s Feel

People say the cervix feels like a nose. I kept searching for that resemblance but never quite felt it.

For me, that initial experience was less about the cervix’s feel and more about understanding my vagina. Picture this: pucker your lips, press your middle finger to them, and imagine your nose behind that. That’s what it felt like — a really squishy nose.

The cervix’s feel varies across your cycle but maintains a squishy cartilage essence. Its level of squishiness and position change as your body prepares to release an egg.

Cervix Tracking: The Key to Fertility Insight

Tracking your cervix is the gateway to unraveling the mysteries of your cervical fluid and fertility. Recognizing the non-fertile feel aids in identifying the fertile moments. Keep an eye on the cervical fluid upon finger withdrawal for a deeper understanding.

When fertile, the cervix softens, opens up, and releases clear, lubricant-like fluid. In contrast, during non-fertile periods, it remains easily reachable, lower in the vagina, hard, and produces thicker, white, mucus-like fluid, often clumpy.

Tips for Cervix Tracking

· Patience Pays Off: Dedicate a full cycle, up to your period’s onset — 21 days well spent on your path to pregnancy empowerment.

· Consistency is Key: Do it at the same time daily, post-period until the next cycle begins. After the first cycle, focus for about 10 days a month, possibly even just 6 with heightened awareness.

· Document Your Discoveries: Don’t rely on memory; use an app or note on your calendar.

Take a moment to get to know yourself. Press on when you think you’ve found your cervix. Your vagina is soft and squishy; the cervix will be your only encounter with a solid (yet squishy) surface. Keep checking at the same time daily; it’s your ticket to understanding your unique fertility cycle.

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